Fee Schedule

notary stampPublished May 1, 2017

Share Draft Account Fees

Deposited Item Copies (per item) $5.00
Overdraft Privilege Fee (per item) $18.00
Return Item Fee (per item) $18.00
Share Draft Copies (per item)** $1.00
Share Draft Stop Payment
(per date of occurrence)*
Overdraft Protection (per transfer) $6.00
Starter Checks (pack of 12) $2.50

(First pack of starter checks is FREE with your new checking account)

ATM Fees

ATM Overdraft (date of occurrence) $20.00
ATM PIN/Card Reissue $10.00

Miscellaneous Account Service and Special Purchases

Returned Undeliverable Mail (per day undeliverable mail is received) $5.00
Current Month History* $2.50
Statement Copy*** $2.50
Research (hourly) $15.00
Lien Release $2.00
Account Closure (if account less than six months old) $25.00
Account Overdrafts (date of occurrence) $20.00
Return ACH Fee $15.00
ACH Origination Fee $5.00
ACH Stop Payment (per item) $20.00
@ACH Special Transaction Handling $6.00
Domestic Wire Transfers $20.00
International Wire Transfers $70.00
Charge Backs (deposited items returned) per item* $10.00
Charge Backs (deposited items returned) per item – Commercial Accounts $2.00
Check Cashing/Withdrawal (fee is waived if balance is over $100 or other active account ID) $2.00
Excessive Membership Renewal $10.00
Express Mail Fee $30.00
Priority Express (Overnight) Mail Fee $35.00
@Returned Mail (for incorrect mailing addressprovided by member) Fee (one fee per day) $5.00
Incoming/Outgoing Collections $2.50
Notary Fee $2.00
Return Item Fee (per item) $18.00
Cashier's Check (made payable to other than account owner)* $2.00
Replacement Cashier's Check $25.00
Money Order* $1.50
Christmas Club Account Early Withdrawal $25.00
Lock Bags $26.00
Special Transaction Handling $6.00
Zipper Bags $4.50
Online Bill Pay (monthly for up to 12 payment transactions) $4.50
   Each additional Online Bill Pay payment transaction (over 12 per month) $0.45
VISA Classic Credit Card Fees listed separately.  


All fees are subject to change.
*Fees waived for individual accounts of members age 60 and over.
**Seniors receive first six (6) copies of drafts free, normal charge thereafter.
***Seniors receive first three (3) months statements free, normal charge thereafter.

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