Fee Schedule

notary stampPublished March 31, 2017
Effective May 1, 2017 changes are in green

Share Draft Account Fees

Deposited Item Copies (per item) $5.00
Overdraft Privilege Fee (per item) $15.00 ($18.00)
Return Item Fee (per item) $15.00 ($18.00)
Share Draft Copies (per item)** $1.00
Share Draft Stop Payment
(per date of occurrence)*
Overdraft Protection (per transfer) $6.00
Starter Checks (pack of 12) $2.50

(First pack of starter checks is FREE with your new checking account)

ATM Fees

ATM Overdraft (date of occurrence) $20.00
ATM PIN/Card Reissue $10.00

Miscellaneous Account Service and Special Purchases

Returned Undeliverable Mail (per day undeliverable mail is received) ($5.00)
Current Month History* $2.50
Statement Copy*** $2.50
Research (hourly) $15.00
Lien Release $2.00
Account Closure (if account less than six months old) $25.00
Account Overdrafts (date of occurrence) $20.00
Return ACH Fee $15.00
ACH Origination Fee $5.00
ACH Stop Payment (per item) $20.00
@ACH Special Transaction Handling $6.00
Domestic Wire Transfers $20.00
International Wire Transfers $70.00
Charge Backs (deposited items returned) per item* $10.00
Charge Backs (deposited items returned) per item – Commercial Accounts $2.00
Check Cashing/Withdrawal (fee is waived if balance is over $100 or other active account ID) $2.00
Excessive Membership Renewal $10.00
Express Mail Fee $30.00
Priority Express (Overnight) Mail Fee $35.00
@Returned Mail (for incorrect mailing addressprovided by member) Fee (one fee per day) $5.00
Incoming/Outgoing Collections $2.50
Notary Fee $2.00
Return Item Fee (per item) $15.00 ($18.00)
Cashier's Check (made payable to other than account owner)* $2.00
Replacement Cashier's Check $25.00
Money Order* $1.50
Christmas Club Account Early Withdrawal $25.00
Lock Bags $26.00
Special Transaction Handling $5.00 ($6.00)
Zipper Bags $4.50
Online Bill Pay (monthly for up to 12 payment transactions) $4.50
   Each additional Online Bill Pay payment transaction (over 12 per month) $0.45
VISA Classic Credit Card Fees listed separately.  


In addition to the changes to the fee schedule above, some disclosures will also be receiving an update.

ATM/Debit Card Consent Form
What read “We will charge the account a fee of up to $15 each time we pay an overdraft”
will now read
“The Overdraft Privilege Fee or the Return Item Fee (not both) will be charged as stated in the current Fee Schedule each time an overdraft item is presented.”

Overdraft Privilege Disclosure
What read “You will be charged our normal overdraft or return item fee currently $15* for each item that is presented.”
Will now read
“You will be charged our normal overdraft or return item fee as disclosed in our rate and fee disclosure for each item that is presented.”

All fees are subject to change.
*Fees waived for individual accounts of members age 60 and over.
**Seniors receive first six (6) copies of drafts free, normal charge thereafter.
***Seniors receive first three (3) months statements free, normal charge thereafter.


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