Consumer Loan Rates

Loan Rates

MVFCU offers a variety of consumer loan options to best suit your lifestyle. You can apply from anywhere, 24 hours a day, by calling (800) 976-5198 or by applying online.

Rates Effective as of:
January 16, 2018

All interest rates are expressed as Annual Percentage Rates (APR).

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Auto Loans

Type of Loan

Suggested Term

Base Interest Rate*

Terms and Conditions

New or Used 48 months 3.10% 2011 or newer.
60 months 3.10%
72 months 3.60%
84 months 3.60%
Older Vehicles
~ 8 to 10 years old ~
Year 2010: 24 months 3.99% Vehicle inspection required.
Year 2009: 18 months 4.95%
Year 2008: 12 months 4.95%
Classic Car Up to 60 months 5.25% Minimum 20%
down payment required.
72-144 months 7.50%


Everyday Loan Rates & Terms

Type of Loan

Base Interest Rate*

Usual Down Payment

Terms and Conditions

Airplanes, Boats, Motorhomes
and Travel Trailers
4.00% 10% minimum Contact MVFCU for terms and conditions.
Motorcycles, ATVs,
Jet Skis, & Snowmachines
3.25% 0%
Horse Trailers,
Utility Trailers, Lawn Tractors,
& Riding Lawnmowers
3.25% 0%
Signature Loan (unsecured) 9.95% n/a Maximum unsecured loan amount may be up to 200% of gross monthly income
not to exceed $20,000.
Line of Credit (unsecured) 11.9% Variable n/a
Pledge of Share
and Pledge of Certificate
Dividend Rate
+ 2.00%
n/a Not available on Money Market (20) account.
VISA Classic Credit Card Variable
8.25% - 11.25%
n/a See More Information.**

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Above chart is for reference only. Variances may apply.

Please consult your MVFCU Member Services staff for further details.

Interest and loan terms are subject to periodic change.

Loan requests are usually answered within 24 hours of submitting your completed application.

We offer zero down for qualified members with medium to high credit quality ratings on most loan types

*The Base Interest Rate: is the lowest interest rate available at MVFCU. Your actual interest rate may be higher depending on your credit history. Each loan request is considered on an individual basis.

**VISA Classic More Information: As market conditions fluctuate, so does your interest rate. The rate is tied to a market prime plus a percentage (as low as prime +4%). Interest rates are the same for purchases and cash advances. You have 30 days to repay your balance for purchases before being charged a finance charge. No minimum finance charge, no per transaction fees, Cash Advance Fee $5.00 (per day a cash advance is made, not per advance), Late Payment Fee $15.00, cannot exceed the minimum payment due.» top «