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Call for Nominations

Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union is currently accepting nominations for the 2017 Board of Directors election. The deadline is Saturday, February 4, 2017. All MVFCU Board members serve as volunteers and are either elected by the MVFCU membership or, under special circumstances, appointed by the Board of Directors.

You must be a MVFCU primary member in good standing to serve. If you are interested in serving on the board, or know someone who is, please call MVFCU at (907) 745-4891 or (907) 694-4891 no later than February 4, 2017.

Nominations by Petition

Members who desire to serve, and have not been placed in nomination by the Nominating Committee, may be placed in nomination by petition. The petition must be signed by one percent of the members (approximately 390 members). The petition must also be accompanied by a signed certificate from the nominee that states they are willing and able to serve, if elected.

Nominees shall provide a brief statement of qualifications and biographical data with the petition. All petitions must be received by the credit union on or before March 30, 2017.


5 Ways Good Credit is Your Safety Net

by Jeremiah Tucker Credit Score on a tablet

A healthy savings account is your best defense against life’s curve balls. But sometimes setting aside some money every paycheck isn’t enough—particularly when you’re just starting out in life.

A good credit score can be an additional safety net, providing you access to low-interest credit options that can help cover any expenses your emergency savings can’t. Here are your options:

1. Credit cards Can be useful for relatively small emergencies. Of course, this requires that you haven’t maxed out your credit card on espresso and concert tickets. Keeping a decent chunk of your spending limit available will not only offer you a good lifeline, but can also boost your credit score. Plus, a good credit score can earn you the best rates.

2. Signature loans Also called personal loans, they can be used for making purchases like car repairs or for doing projects like updating your kitchen. Signature loans are good for moderate-sized projects.

3. Car equity loan Did you know that if you have paid off your car, or if you owe less than its worth, you can often take out a loan against your equity? If your car is newer than 10 years old, these loans usually offer significantly lower rates than signature loans or credit cards. Just keep in mind that you no longer own the car outright—you will have to pay off the loan if you decide to sell your car.

4. Home Equity Loan If you own your own home and have available equity in it (again, you owe less than your home is worth) you can take out a home equity loan. This is a one-time lump sum loan, usually of a sizeable amount. This can be good for big projects, like remodels, additions, building a shop, or paying off your other higher-rate debt.

5. Home Equity Line of Credit These are much like a home-equity loan, except instead of taking out one big lump sum, you can use the line of credit like a credit card. You can make purchases, pay the balance down, and make new purchases. This is great for regular projects or sizeable emergencies.

These are the main tools you can use to build a safety net. Even better—by using your available credit options, making payments on time, and paying things off, you are continuing to build your credit score.



Alaska: Direct deposit your pfd

pfd ddp

The Fast and Safe Way

Having your Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD)
deposited directly into your MVFCU account is
fast, safe and easy.

Just use these guidelines when
you file for your 2016 PFD:
• Enter CS for the MVFCU “Bank Code”
• Enter your account number as instructed
in the application. Your account number
is found in the upper right corner of your
periodic MVFCU statement.

The filing deadline is: March 31, 2017.

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What would grace enable us to be?

By Al StrawnMVFCU CEO Al Strawn

Leading without Power

Have you ever come across a question that just seems to haunt you? A powerful question that needs to be answered, but the correct answer is not always obvious and can be hard to quantify.

I recently read an interesting book titled Leading without Power. The author, Max De Pree, has a long and successful career in the corporate world, many years in the nonprofit world, and most importantly is a grandparent. In the chapter titled “What shall we measure?” he asks a truly stimulating question:

“What would grace enable us to be?”

I found myself asking: what would grace enable Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union to be?

First, in every situation we would set aside our self-importance, humbling ourselves as we strive to serve each other. We would calm our emotions, reducing tension as we discuss our differences. We would be able to forgive those who harm us by word or deed.

Grace would enable us to be kind to those who may be undeserving. We would find new patience with each other and wait for the right solutions to our problems. We would be caring towards each other, even when we see the world differently.

Grace would enable us to give to others more than we could ever imagine. To truly see and hear each other, possibly for the first time. Without any expectation of reward, we would not hesitate to offer compassion to those who are hurting and in need of our help.

Finally, grace would enable us to live in peace and harmony with each other, sharing our unique gifts, creating community as we focus on giving rather than getting, on service rather than profit.

Credit unions were founded upon a simple idea of “People helping People.” Pooling our resources together and sharing them with those in need. As we celebrate a New Year with hope and anticipation, I challenge each of us to ponder upon “What would grace enable us to be.” Start with your family and friends, have a discussion of what it might look like. It may be difficult to measure, but we all know what grace is like when we receive it.

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Privacy Policy

At Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union, we respect the privacy of our members. We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal financial information. You can find our Privacy Policy in many places, but the easiest is on our website »Privacy Policy«

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It's about time to corral those loans

With a Debt Roundup Signature Loan


Saving money and debt consolidation are good goals for the New Year. People work hard to get out of debt and save money. While there are many different paths to get out of debt, sometimes consolidation is the first step.

This year's Debt Roundup promotion will run from March 1 through April 15, 2017, so stay tuned to mvfcu.coop and our MVFCU Facebook page!



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