Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

MVFCU offers you a fast, simple and convenient way to pay your bills. No more checks, stamps, envelopes or gas to drop off your bills. Save time and reduce your paper clutter with the following features:

You must have an MVFCU share draft account and have MV Online account access to enroll in Bill Pay. You may make payments to any individual or nongovernment entity in the United States or its territories and/or possessions. You can activate Bill Pay at any time and maintain your Bill Pay accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bill Pay will automatically deactivate after 120 days of inactivity or non-use. Reactivation is quick and simple.

Online Bill Pay costs just $4.50 per month with no per-transaction fee for the first 12 monthly bill payments. After 12 monthly bill payments, each additional is just $0.45.

Activate your Online Bill Pay today right from the MV Online " Transfers & Payments" menu. Click "Make a Transfer" and you're on your way to more savings and convenience.

For help, call Bill Pay Support at 877-904-8129.

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