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Move your checking accounts and direct deposit over to MVFCU, because we offer one of the most economical share draft/checking accounts around. We have compiled a few tips to help make your transition to us.

Step 1: Open an MVFCU Account

If you have not already opened an MVFCU Account, stop by any of our community offices and we will get your account set up. You will need to show valid identification with a residence address and/or proof of employment address (a current pay stub is acceptable) or other paperwork validating eligibility. No application is necessary.

Step 2: Payroll Direct Deposit

Have your pay checks automatically deposited into your account by completing an MVFCU Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form and submitting it to your employer. Direct deposit is safe, convenient and easy. Learn More.

Step 3: Notification

Notify the companies and financial institutions that handle your automatic withdrawals, should you want these transactions to run through your MVFCU account.

Step 4: Close

Finally, close out your old account at your previous financial institution if you no longer need that account. Verify that any outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals have cleared (this process may take several weeks). Notify your previous financial institution to terminate the account and issue any balances to you.

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