MVFCU offers several services to make your online experience more convenient.

MV Online

MV Online allows you to access your account with just one click. Look to the top of any page within to the right of the MVFCU logo. MV ONLINE also gives you other options including:

Payroll Direct Deposit

MVFCU Members have the option to use Payroll Direct Deposit, a process by which your employer deposits your paycheck electronically to your share checking or savings account.
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MV Guide

The MV (Member Virtual) Guide offers answers to just about any question you can think of about MVFCU and more.
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Easy Access

MVFCU Members can use this audio response service, allowing you access to your MVFCU accounts via telephone using numeric codes to make transactions, balance inquiries, and more.
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SavvyMoney is a DIY debt payoff tool allowing MVFCU Members to manage their own debt payoff plan with access to articles, tools, calculators, and more.
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TruStage™ Insurance

To help MVFCU Members protect what matters most, we offer you TruStage™ Insurance options, plus sign up for $1,000 of TruStage™ AD&D Insurance, free of cost, for MVFCU Members – paid by MVFCU.
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